Dishcloth Tags

I was making a ton of dishcloths for vendor and craft shows this season and my partner came up with the idea of putting tags on all of them. Now, being the creative person I am, I decided to whip up my own template. I also figured other people out there would want something similar to use. So I make a freebie version as well! They are 8.5in x 11in (standard paper size). I print them out on cardstock to give it a bit of weight!

There is one with a dishcloth icon on it and a blank one that you can pop your own logo on it. I left the back side blank for you to put a price or whatever you want. You can download the full resolution images using the buttons below. I will also include a quick picture so you can see how I attach them to the dishcloths!

As you can see, I just cut them out, folded them so there is a bit of a flat edge, punched some holes in them and then threaded some scrap yarn through and tied it on the back. Some kitchen twine would look really nice, but I'm just a fan of using my scrap yarn! The pattern I used for the dishcloths is available on here as well! It's a freebie and you can find it here. (click for link)